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(48) Built rear wooden frame to hold up galley counter. (3 hr/198 hr tot)


(49) Fitted, cut, glued sidewall pieces for air conditioner compartment. (3 hr/201 hr tot)

03/24/06 (50) Fitted, cut, glued back wall pieces for Porta-Potty compartment and propane tank compartment. (3 hr/204 hr tot)

(51) Cut backboard for galley wall.  Insulated back wall with foam and space blanket insulation. (3 hr/207 hr tot)


(52) Changed wiring to provide inside 110 VAC double outlet in inside top rear shelf. Changed wiring to provide 110 VAC galley lamp. Glued and screwed galley backboard to back wall. (5 hr/212 hr tot)


(53) Cut galley countertop from 3/8” plywood. Insulated rear of countertop with foam and space blanket. Glued countertop in place with 400 lbs weight on top. (4 hr/216 hr tot)


(54) Installed air conditioner, after removing case. It is a tight fit. Blocked A/C movement with large aluminum angle in front and small one in back. (3 hr/219 hr tot)


(55) Air conditioner leaks water in trailer. Drilled drain hole in pan, added grommet, added drain pipe, put hole in trailer floor for drain pipe. Works. (Cost 0; tot cost 386.60; 4 hr/223 hr tot)


(56) Built grill to fit in over back of air conditioner. Air conditioner needs a baffle instead to separate the incoming and outgoing air. Built a shelf/baffle and installed it. (3 hr/226 hr tot)

04/17/06 (57) Installed quarter-round trim inside trailer.    (Cost 20.00; tot cost 406.60; 3 hr/229 hr tot)
04/18/06 (58) Cut hole for dishpan/basin. (2 hr/231 hr tot)
04/20/06 (59) Cut aluminum for galley countertop. Glued/screwed it onto plywood base. (3 hr/234 hr tot)
04/21/06 (60) Cut and glued outer end galley support posts. (3 hr/237 hr tot)
04/22/06 (61) Added countertop support next to hole for dishpan. (2 hr/239 hr tot)
04/24/06 (61) Cut hole in aluminum countertop for dishpan. Made 1-1/2” standoffs for stove, screwed stove in place. Made 1” hole for stove’s gas fitting.  (4 hr/243 hr tot)
04/25/06 (62) Painted white first coat on galley rear wall, part of countertop, part of A/C compartment. (2 hr/245 hr tot)
04/26/06 (63) Painted white first coat on porta-potty and propane compartments. (2 hr/247 hr tot)
04/27/06 (64) Painted white second coat on galley rear wall, back part of counter, porta-potty compartment, A/C compartment, propane compartment.  (2 hr/249 hr tot)
05/01/06 (65) Modified and installed towel rack and galley lamp. (4 hr/253 hr tot)
05/02/06 (66) Wired 12 VDC circuits in front closet. (2 hr/255 hr tot)
05/03/06 (67) Wired 110 VAC inverter circuits in front closet.  (2 hr/257 hr tot)
05/04/06 (68) Wired 12V trailer wiring/front clearance circuits in front closet. (2 hr/259 hr tot)
05/05/06 (69) Wired 110 VAC shore power in front closet. (2 hr/261 hr tot)
05/06/06 (70) Put rubber on floor of shoe storage, cut closet floor pieces and painted their bottoms. (4 hr/265 hr tot)

(71) Glued in closet floor halves. (2 hr/267 hr tot)

05/08/06 (72) Cut lower closet backs, glued in. (3 hr/270 hr tot)
05/10/06 (73) Cut middle closet backs, glued in. (2 hr/272 hr tot)
05/11/06 (74) Cut upper closet backs, glued in. (2 hr/274 hr tot)
05/15/06 (75) Cut foam insulation and space blanket foil insulation for lower front half of trailer and glued in. (2 hr/276 hr tot)
05/16/06 (76) Painted outside of trailer frame with waterproofing roofing compound. (2 hr/278 hr tot)
05/17/06 (77) Put two bows in upper front curve on front of trailer. (2 hr/280 hr tot)

Bought poly glue, pencil. (Cost 7.06; tot cost 413.66)

05/19/06 Ordered 26 gage pre-painted steel sheet 42”x 10’, 3 white sheets, 1 blue sheet, for trailer top and sides.

(78) Cut plywood doors for rear side compartments.  (1 hr/281 hr tot)

05/25/06 (79) Cut and drilled piano hinges for plywood doors for rear sides of trailer. Put first coat of white paint on insides. (2 hr/283 hr tot)
05/26/06 (80) Installed slide hinges for air conditioner door and attempted to adjust them. Put second coat of white paint on insides of plywood doors for rear sides of trailer. (2 hr/285 hr tot)
05/30/06 (81) Designed/built air conditioning vent access cover on rear of trailer. Design and hinges didn’t work. (3 hr/288 hr tot)
05/31/06 (82) Redesigned air conditioning vent access cover on rear of trailer. Cut cover. Installed angle brace. (3 hr/291 hr tot)
06/01/06 (83) Ran tail light wiring to back of trailer. Put rubber floor in porta-Potty storage area. Spray-foamed front bottom sections.  (3 hr/294 hr tot)
06/02/06 (83)  Special hinges for air conditioning vent were $10 surplus. Fitted and painted cover for A/C vent. Made mud-wasp screens for floor vent in propane storage area. Test-fitted doors for porta-potti and propane storage areas. Built and test-fitted battery box cover. (Cost 10.00; tot cost 433.66; 5 hr/299 hr tot)
06/03/06 (84) Installed and trimmed air conditioning unit inside trailer, added drain pipe and air conditioning vent lock. Trimmed galley storage area. (4 hr/303 hr tot)
06/10/06 Went to pick up metal for top/sides. They ordered wrong kind of metal. (Cost 109.97; tot cost 533.63)
06/12/06 (85) Made paper patterns of bracing structure, showing where wires went, for guidance in attaching sheet metal. Sanded off excess glue in interior, sanded putty over screws in closet, and coated sanded areas with varnish. (6 hr/309 hr tot)
06/13/06 (86) Installed center trim strip in closet, sanded interior plywood flush with frame where galley hatch will drop.  (1 hr/310 hr tot)
06/16/06 (87) Installed 2x4 from which galley hatch will hinge, and center rear angle piece for top metal to bend over. (1 hr/311 hr tot)

Picked up sheet metal for sides. See 5/19/06 entry for details.

06/26/06 (88) Cut 26 ga. steel sheet steel for top of trailer. Tried several ways to cut it. Abrasive cutting disk on RotoZip saw appeared to work best. (2 hr/313 hr tot)
06/27/06 (89) Worked out most efficient use of available metal. Laid out cuts on metal. (2 hr/315 hr tot)
06/28/06 (90) Cut sheet metal for top and sides with tin snips. (2 hr/317 hr tot)
06/29/06 (91) Took metal for right-angle edges to Air Command and used their sheet metal shear and brake to make 90• pieces. Time includes travel.  (4 hr/321 hr tot)
06/30/06 (92) Installed right angle pieces on roof/side edges. (4 hr/325 hr tot)
07/01/06 (93) Bought 100 wood screws to attach sheet metal right-angles to roof/side edge. Installed right angle pieces on roof/side edges. (Cost 2.70; tot cost 536.33; 2 hr/327 hr tot)
07/03/06 (94) Installed right angle pieces on roof/side edges. (4 hr/331 hr tot)

(95) Installed two-piece roof on trailer with construction glue, caulk, and 1/8” pop rivets. (6 hr/337 hr tot)


Bought 100more  wood screws to attach sheet metal. (Cost 2.80; tot cost 539.13)

07/06/06 (96) Sanded edges of roof flush, and cut/fitted lower left blue sheet metal side. (6 hr/343 hr tot)
07/07/06 (97) Bought 1 tube of Liquid Nails. Installed blue lower left side on trailer with construction glue, caulk, and 1/8” pop rivets.            (Cost 1.61; tot cost 540.74; 2 hr/345 hr tot)
07/13/06 (98) Bought 4 tubes Liquid Nails.Pop-riveted metal on rear compartment doors. (Cost 6.80; tot cost 547.92; 1 hr/346 hr tot)
07/14/06 (99) Installed white upper left side on trailer with construction glue, caulk, and 1/8” pop rivets. (5 hr/351 hr tot)
08/03/06 (100) Installed window in left side of trailer. Window has rounded edges, and I had cut square hole.  (3 hr/354 hr tot)
08/04/06 (101) Installed vent in top of trailer. (2 hr/356 hr tot)

(102) Bought machine screws to attach roof vent. Completed installation of vent in top of trailer. (Cost 5.29; tot cost 552.83; 2 hr/358 hr tot)

08/08/06 (103) Installed doorframe and test-mounted door. Installed blue metal on lower right side of trailer with construction glue, caulk, and 1/8” pop rivets. (4 hr/362 hr tot)
08/09/06 (104) Put blue metal on door bottom with contact cement and pop-rivets. (2 hr/364 hr tot)
08/10/06 (105) Put white metal upper right side on trailer with construction glue, caulk, and 1/8” pop rivets. (3 hr/367 hr tot)
08/11/06 (106) Installed window in right side of trailer. (2 hr/369 hr tot)
08/18/06 (107) Put white metal on door with construction glue, caulk, and 1/8” pop rivets.  (2 hr/371 hr tot)
08/23/06 (108) Bought 2 tubes of Liquid Nails. Finished putting white metal on upper right side of trailer and installed window in door.  (Cost 3.23; tot cost 556.06; 3 hr/374 hr tot)

(109) Cut plywood hatch from 3/4” plywood. Weighs 30 lbs. (2 hr/376 hr tot)

08/26/06 (110) Varnished inside of plywood hatch, 2 coats.  (2 hr/378 hr tot)
08/28/06 (111) Varnished inside of plywood hatch, 2 coats.  (2 hr/380 hr tot)
08/29/06 (112) Bought 100 screws to put hinge on hatch. Varnished outside of plywood hatch, 2 coats. Drilled hinges. (2 hr/382 hr tot)

(113) Cut, bent, glued, and pop-riveted lower piece of sheet metal to hatch. (2 hr/384 hr tot)

08/31/06 (114) Completed hatch. Cut, bent, glued, screwed, and pop-riveted 3 more pieces of sheet metal to top. (4 hr/388 hr tot)
08/02/06 (115) Discovered I designed left side of galley for a 3/4” thick hatch and right side for 1/2” hatch thickness. Had increased hatch thickness and didn’t correct it on right side. Used Rotozip sanding tool to remove 3/16” thickness from right inside side of hatch. (2 hr/390 hr tot)
08/04/06 (116) Fitted hatch onto trailer, and varnished the sanded area three times. Hatch is ready to mount. Hatch weighs 45 lbs. (2 hr/392 hr tot)

(117) Cut and installed sheet metal splash shield by stove. Made two hatch supports from aluminum tubing with ends plugged with dowels. (3 hr/395 hr tot)

08/11/06 (118) Cut 4’ x 8’ aluminum diamond plate with jig saw to make pieces for rear of trailer and front of trailer.  (1 hr/396 hr tot)
08/12/06 (119) Laid out cut-out on 22-3/4” high rear diamond plate for door covering air conditioning unit. (1 hr/397 hr tot)
08/13/06 (120) Cut out diamond plate door opening over air conditioning unit, sawed/fitted/filed edges to fit. Made template for tail lights, spray painted location on inside of diamond plate, cut holes, installed rubber tail light edges and tail lights. (3 hr/400 hr tot)
08/14/06 (121) Figured out how to wire tail lights and installed rear diamond plate piece with glue, screws, and pop-rivets. (3 hr/403 hr tot)

(122) Installed cut-out piece of diamond plate on rear of trailer. (1 hr/404 hr tot)

08/16/06 (123) Sanded left front trailer edge, installed doorknob on door, laid out front diamond plate for cutting. (2 hr/406 hr tot)
08/21/06 (124) Cut/test-fitted diamond plate for trailer front. (1 hr/407 hr tot)

(125) Fitted/trimmed diamond plate to trailer front.   (2 hr/409 hr tot)

08/23/06 (126) Installed diamond plate on front of trailer; drilled holes, deburred holes, glues, screwed, and pop-riveted diamond plate to trailer’s wooden frame and to metal side pieces. (4 hr/413 hr tot)
08/25/06 (127) Cut/fitted/riveted aluminum plate bottom of battery box and cut/fitted diamond plate front of battery box. Used ratcheting tie-down to lock the box. (2 hr/415 hr tot)

(128) Cut/fitted/riveted on diamond plate sides of battery box. (1 hr/416 hr tot)


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