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Frame, Under-Floor Boxes, and Floor   
Phase 3
01/06/06 (1) On my old 4' x 8' trailer chassis, removed rotted boards and used angle grinder to remove heavy steel motorcycle ramps. (Cost 0; tot cost 0; 3 hr/3 hr total)
01/07/06 (2) Removed old tires from 14" wheels, which didn't match. Used angle grinder to smooth old welds. (Cost 2.50; tot cost 2.50; 4 hr/7 hr total)

Bought John Deere green farm implement paint to paint chassis. Measured and made diagram of chassis.    (Cost 9.18; tot cost 11.68; 3 hr/10 hr total)

01/09/06 3) Removed rust from frame, painted it with one coat of light green John Deere farm implement paint. (4 hr/14 hr total)
01/10/06 (4) Bought one sheet 3/4" x 4 x 8 and one 1/2" x 4 x 8 treated plywood for under-floor boxes. Clamped thick sheet on chassis and marked locations of frame members on bottom of plywood floor. Laid out lid locations for two under-floor storage boxes and cut out lids. Cut 1.5" wide Masonite strips and epoxy glued them so they extend 1/2" into cutout for lid supports. (Cost 49.56; tot cost 61.24; 4 hr/18 hr tot)
01/11/06 (5) Epoxy on Masonite strips was absorbed by plywood, didn't bond. Used thicker epoxy with squeeze-out on half of Masonite.  Designed two under-floor boxes to fit my chassis and use most of a 4' x 8' piece of plywood. One-half inch plywood sides were glued and screwed to 1.5" square edge gussets using Liquid Nails and 1-5/8" coarse thread sheetrock screws. Built outsides of two under-floor storage boxes 40" L x 16.5" W x 9.5" deep, total of 3.5 cu. ft. under-floor storage.  This is the equivalent of one shelf 46" W x 11" H x 12" D. (7 hr/25 hr tot)
01/12/06 (6) Bought four tubes of Liquid Nails. Epoxy set up overnight. Used the thicker epoxy on three Masonite strips. Cut box bottoms from 1/2" treated plywood and glued/screwed them in using Liquid Nails and 1-5/8" coarse thread sheetrock screws. Screwed/glued 1.5" square gussets to outside top of boxes and notched boxes to fit chassis members. Painted insides of boxes with farm implement paint. Painted bottom of plywood floor over boxes. (Cost 6.91; tot cost 68.15; 6 hr/31 hr tot)

My neighbor John gave me two rims and tires that fit! The big 225/70-R14 tires could each carry far more than the projected gross weight of the trailer.
(7) Epoxy cured overnight. Epoxied the last Masonite strip.  Cut a 1.5" x 3" x 24" brace from treated lumber and epoxy glued it on bottom of floor between holes for under-floor boxes. It will rest on the extension of the trailer tongue and brace the floor. Paint still tacky in under-floor boxes, so could not work on them. Boxes weigh 25 lbs each. Chassis weighs about 350 lbs. (3 hr/34 hr tot)


(8) Bought one tube of Liquid Nails. Fitted left under-floor box around chassis frame members with reciprocating saw. Made inside pieces to seal box around chassis members to make it insect-proof. Glued and screwed these pieces in with Liquid Nails. (Cost 1.50; tot cost 69.65; 5 hr/39 hr tot)


My under-floor boxes attach to the outer part of the chassis and to the bottom of the plywood deck. The boxes make the frame and deck more sturdy. Building/fitting under-floor boxes is time-consuming.
(9) Bought hardware to attach deck and outer sides of under-floor boxes. Fitted/sealed right under-floor box, using measurements that worked on left one. (Cost 12.80; tot cost 83.32; 3 hr/42 hr tot)

01/18/06 (10) Bought one tube of Liquid Nails. Glued, cleaned up, and attached outside edges of under-floor boxes to frame with 1/4" hex bolts. Test-fitted 3/4" plywood deck to frame, drilled 23 1/4" holes, reamed holes larger, countersunk carriage bolt holes, drilled 3/4" holes for finger grips in lids.  Painted insides of both under-floor boxes. (Cost 1.50; tot cost 84.82; 4 hr/46 hr tot)
01/19/06 (11) Bought glue, black paint, linoleum, foil insulation. Glued/bolted plywood deck to under-floor boxes and chassis. Attached deck with Liquid Nails and 23 1/4" carriage bolts and plastic stop nuts. Filled holes with Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty. (Cost 72.85; tot cost 157.67; 2 hr/48 hr tot)
01/20/06 (12) Sanded puttied areas. Glued linoleum on deck. Painted spare wheel black. (3 hr/51 hr tot)

Went to RV salvage and bought one 8'H x 17.5"W and one 15.5"H x 17.5"W hinged window w/cranks for $32. (Cost 32.00; tot cost 189.67)

01/23/06 (13) Cleaned and repainted wheels, got tires mounted and balanced. Towed trailer, and it tows well. Wheel/tire combo weighs 40 lbs. Weighed trailer--500 lbs w/ tires/wheels, so 420 lbs with plywood/linoleum deck. (1 hr/52 hr tot)


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